Scarab 10 trimaran

This design is for the beginning builder. Some experience with tools is needed.

The Scarab 10 is a new design. The boat can built in plywood or foam. It is 10 foot long with a free standing mast, single sail and sliding tubes connecting the floats to the main hull, dagger board rudder and centreboard. The boat was designed to be sailed by one person or two small people.
We built one of these boats but we deviated from the plans (much to the chagrin of the designer). See the pictures below. The boat was designed to be built using chines but on this boat the bilge panels on the main hull and floats were rounded off. The beams were also changed from aluminium sliding tubes to folding beams with water jet cut aluminium folding struts. Plans are not available for the beams or struts.
The main hull and floats are the same. It took a lot longer to build and more expensive.

Scarab 10 Scarab 10

Scarab 10 built by Ron in Brisbane

Shows the boat built in plywood with aluminium sliding tubes.

Scarab 10 trimaran

Scarab 10 built by Team Scarab

Scarab10 Scarab 10

Scarab 10

Buying plans

Study Plans: sent in PDF format within 24 hours. Study plans are provided to show a dimensioned general layout and sail plan, accomodation and a basic material list. Some other details may also be included. The boat cannot be built from the study plans but are provided for information and basic pricing.

Plans: the full plan set is required if the you want to build this boat. It contains all the information and dimensions required. The plans are presented in PDF format. These can be printed on your home printer on A4 size paper or sent to a photo copier to enlarge to A3 size. Plans consist of 25 drawings in PDF format emailed within 24 hours.

Study plans $15 AUD
Full plan set $100 AUD

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