Team Scarab has been selling plans for multihulls for 23 years.

We are based in South East Queensland, Australia and offer plans for multihull sailboats (trimaran and catamarans).

Double Shuffle catamaran plans will be on sale for the month of January for $100 AUD
Our plans can be purchased using PayPal and are delivered to your email address in PDF format. All plans are $150 AUD and study plans are $15 AUD.

Full size paper templates
We also offer full size paper templates for the panels for the Scarab 18 and the Scarab 350 for $60 AUD. The files are emailed to be printed at your local print shop.

DXF files to cut out panels using a CNC router
There are DXF cutting files available for $60 AUD for the:
Scarab 16,
Scarab 650,
Scarab 22,
Avalon 9,
Double Shuffle 5.6m catamaran,
Fish and Chips 7.3m catamaran.
These files are presently on Drop Box and you will be provided a link so you can copy them and take them to your machine shop or cut them yourself if you have access to a CNC cutter.

Scarab 350Scarab 22 Avalon 9Scarab 650

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