Question: -Can I build a boat from the $150 plans that you sell?

Answer: - Yes. All the information and dimensions required are on the plans. You can print them out on A4 paper on your home printer, and then if required, have them enlarged in a photocopier machine to A3 size. Use a scale factor of 1.414.

Question: - You used to supply full sized templates for your designs. Are they still available?

Answer: - Full size templates were once supplied but to keep costs down they have been discontinued. However, if the builder still requires them they are available at an extra cost of $60. The PDF drawings can be taken or emailed to a "PLAN PRINTER". For printing contact the plan printer and confirm that he has a "continuous roll A0 plotter". If he does he will be able to print the full size templates.

Question: - Can I build one of your designs in foam sandwich when the design is in plywood?

Answer: - Some designs are fully detailed for foam sandwich and some of the earlier designs are detailed for ply construction.
If you really want to build an early design in foam and you have some experience and knowledge in boat building, Team Scarab can supply you with a reinforcement schedule and some generic details.

Question: -Can I use the hulls and rig off a catamaran on one of the trimaran designs?

Answer: -The rig can certainly be used if the cat sail area is similar to the trimaran sail area as designed.
The cat hulls are another matter. Most cat hulls don't have sufficient buoyancy or volume to be used as trimaran floats. Some are not strong enough when loaded sideways, e.g. when a trimaran is sailing to windward in choppy water the force on the float forward of the forward beam is considerable. If there are no stringers or sub-deck shelf the float can snap at the forward beam.
Mounting the beams in the cat hulls is generally not possible. The beams need to connect to bulkheads and unless the deck is removed and new bulkheads built in this is not possible. The design of every part of a folding trimaran has to be intergrated into the total package so that it folds on the water and will be within legal trailering width.
Most other stuff of the cat can be used including the trailer if properly modified. All th running rigging, some of the standing rigging and most of the fittings can be used. One of the rudders may also be adapted if of suitable size.