These collections of PDF's can be viewed on your computer or saved for viewing on a tablet or phone.

PDF's of Homebuilder photos

We have collected many pictures of boats built by home builders and we have included them here as PDF's.
Avalon 9 metre folding trimaran
Scarab 8 metre folding trimaran
Scarab 22 folding trimaran
Scarab 670 folding trimaran
Scarab 18 folding trimaran
Scarab 16 folding trimaran

PDF's of material lists for all designs.

Scarab 32 folding trimaran.
Avalon 9 folding trimaran.
Avalon 8.2 folding trimaran.
Scarab 22 folding trimaran.
Scarab 670 folding trimaran.
Scarab 650 folding trimaran.
Scarab 18 folding trimaran.
Scarab 16 folding trimaran.
Scarab 12 trimaran.
Scarab 350 trimaran.
Double Shuffle 5.6 catamaran
Fish and Chips 7.3 catamaran

PDF's of Building Hints

Some building hints to get you started

PDF's of Boat builds

This section is a collection of boat we have built. More will be added as time permits.

Building a Scarab 18/Scarab 650
Building a Scarab 350