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Fran Sneesby

Fran Sneesby lives in S.E. Queensland building multihulls for Yendys Multihulls.

Scarab 16

6 October 2019

Finally a bit of paint. The floats are painted with Jotun Imperite (Homebush yellow). Non-skid is Kiwigrip. This paint was easy to use and clean up (water based).

16 floats

Scarab 16

17 September 2019

The trampolines for the Scarab 16 are the same as the Scarab 3m only bigger. They will be laced to two tubes attached to the beams so when the boat folds the tramps stay attached to the beams to avoid the need to re-tension them. One completed - one more to go.


Scarab 3 metre

6 September 2019

These tiny trampolines are for the Scarab 3m. They will be laced onto two tubes mounted between the beams.

3m tramps

3m beams

Scarab 3 metre

29 August 2019

Just finished sewing the mainsail for the Scarab 3 metre. Sail is fully battened with a pocket for the mast.


Main hull detail

13 August 2019

I wanted an open transome but needed a way to attach the rudder fitting. Made a beam from foam and glass to support the rudder pintle.

Scarab 16

Side deck

10 August 2019

Side deck and coaming added and taped.

Scarab 16


5 August 2019

The deck was scored through the top layer of foam to allow it to bend. Then filled with bog and glassed again. I masked and primed underneath the deck because it would be difficult to paint later.

Scarab 16

Scarab 16

Main hull

Scarab 16 floats

10 July 2019

It's been a long time since I have anything interesting to write about. I have been stuck working on a boat I haven't been enthusiastic about. But now I can get back to working on the Scarab 16.
I wasn't happy with the shape of the foam floats so I decided to make a plug and moulds to save time if I get around to building another one.
I finished priming them this morning. It is still a bit cold so it is taking longer for the paint to harden.

Scarab 16